Privacy Statement

1. Our commitment to you
A. Keeping things simple
Thank you for choosing Belira. We are highly committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected, and take a strict approach to ensuring your data is kept secure at all times. We will only ever collect data relevant to our needs, at the time. Be it data to process a request for you, contact you regarding important issues we believe you must receive, along with ensuring our website and services work in a way that is best for you. Your use of this website and any of our services allow us to fulfil our commitment to you, with your agreement.
2. Ways in which we collect your information
A. Cookies
Cookies are never sent to us without your browsers permission, and reside on your computer, and the way we use cookies are completely anonymous. We use cookies to track your preferences on our website, for example if you choose to hide a section or message on the website, our website will remember that for your convenience, and will only modify the behaviour of our website based on a preset list of actions assigned by us. This will be purely for your comfort and preference.

Cookies are completely in your control, you can choose when and how to control them by using your web browser settings; you can also remove them at any time.
B. Forms
When we collect your data via web-based forms, this again is completely in your control. We often ask you to submit information via our many online forms, all in which only get filled in with your express permission, and within your control. By submitting any forms to us, you ensure us that all data provided is correct and accurate, and also you agree to us using your submitted data in reference to the purpose of the form.
C. Analytics
Belira may track your access to our website to allow us to identify and analyse trends of usage and access. By using this website, you accept that pages you visit on this website may be tracked by ourselves or third parties for the benefit of analysing usage patterns on our website.

Belira utilises Google Analytics to monitor trends and usage of our services in order to make the usage of our website as suitable as possible for you. Third party vendors such as Google Analytics, could track your usage in order to display you suitable ads in comparison to your browsing patterns. Therefore, based on cookies; Google use Cookies to serve ads which may be based on your past visits to our website. To modify or opt-out of Googles use of cookies, please click here and here.
D. Resellers
Resellers of any Belira Service may retrieve and store data as per their own privacy policies and terms of use. Belira takes no responsibility for this relationship between end user and reseller, and any queries should be directed towards the relevant reseller as a first port of call. Belira takes no responsibility for the data held by end users of resellers - however does reserve the rights to making any modifications of removing data following the guidelines of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Usage if necessary.
3. Ways in which we use your information
A. With your permission
We will only ever use data you provide to us, with your sole permission. If you require services in which we need to supply your data to third parties, it will only be for the purpose of the transaction in which you are participating in.

We pride ourselves in taking reasonable precautions to protect your data, and to ensure we only use your data in a way you agree, which by using this website or our services is the assignment in which you are visiting the website.

Belira never sends you E-Mail unless it is completely necessary, to update you about your service, or send you important announcements. We will only ever send this to the main E-Mail address on file.
4. Other
A. Changes to this policy
We may change our privacy policy from time to time, and as we will try our best to update you when necessary, although it isn't always possible. For this reason we recommend you view this policy periodically, to ensure you are comfortable with using our website and services.
B. Contact Us
If you have any queries or want to retrieve all the information we hold about you, please contact us by opening a support ticket at

We will be happy to provide you with all required information.
C. Data Distribution
We do not disclose any of your personal information we have about you to third parties, unless for a service in which you are purchasing from one of our third party partners. You agree to us passing on this information, by purchasing any product from us. If at any time you are unsure, please contact us by opening a support ticket at This privacy policy does not apply to any data submitted to third parties, you should review and evaluate each relevant privacy policy independently.
D. Data Disclosure to Law Enforcement
Upon request from law enforcement agencies globally, Belira reserves the right to help by disclosing any data in which you have provided to us, without notice. We do this to keep our environment as safe for every user as possible, and therefore we are happy to work together with all law enforcements.