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How it all began
Belira was born towards the end of 2009 by John Davies; an individual with years of experience in the hosting and online services industry. Created with the mission of creating the worlds friendliest, easiest and advanced web hosting platform at an affordable price for everyone. As months and years went on, Belira became known for its high quality advanced & unlimited features for a fraction of the price of its competitors - however it was our high quality, fast and efficient Customer Support that has driven Belira to become a successful provider of website services to both individuals and businesses who care about their websites as much as we do.
has customers in over 100 countries globally
provides services to both individuals and small to large businesses
has a record response time to customer queries - responding on average to all requests in under 5 hours (usually much sooner!)
is the worlds cheapest long-running shared hosting provider
monitors all services 24/7/365 and acts quickly to problems, around the clock
provides free services to charities around the world, and sponsors startups with free services to help them succeed
24x7 Customer Support
We make sure that all our customer support agents are technically trained in all of our services, to ensure every member of our team knows exactly how to fix any problems. More importantly; we ensure that every person working at Belira enjoys it - and wants to be here to help you. We look forward to you experiencing just how far our team are willing to go to ensure you remain a satisfied Belira customer.
Realistic Pricing

Suitable for All
Feedback is the key
We encourage all of our customers to provide us feedback on all aspects of Belira. We listen to feedback on our support responses, product quality and improvement suggestions.

We don't just listen - we continuously act on feedback to continue to stand out from the rest, to be the best.
Reliability & Efficiency
We completely understand that when you choose your web host, you don't just consider prices & customer support. You want your website to be reliable, and we put all the love and monitoring in to ensuring all websites hosted by Belira are up constantly. When an issue is found, we pick up on it and fix it for you, allowing all our customers to sleep easy in the knowledge we've got it covered.
Charities & Startups
Belira Giving Back
It's nice for us to have the opportunity to give something back to charities and new startups around the world that have the intention of making the world a better place. If your organisation is a non-profit anywhere in the world, or a new startup / open source project, Belira may be able to host your website completely free. To apply, simply complete the below form.
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