How do you deal with someone abusing system resources?
Belira takes service uptime and quality very seriously.
Although we offer web hosting at one of the most competitive rates on the internet to date, we still believe that you as a paying customer deserves the right to a high quality service.

Therefore, offending users websites will be suspended if we suspect the user to be abusing system resources. We will then notify the user of this, and the owner of the website will be given the opportunity to fix the problem, or have their hosting account be upgraded.

What if I accidentally use too much resources?
Do not worry, Belira knows accidents can happen. It is more than likely this was an accident when you were testing new software on your hosting account, or an error in your coding. If your website was to use a large amount of system resources, we temporarily suspend your account, and notify you via e-mail of account suspension. If a support ticket has not been opened for you (and e-mailed to you), please open one by clicking here. We will aim to solve the problem as soon as possible.

VPS and Dedicated Server customers can use as much resources as they want to, however is activity begins affecting the Belira Network, this will be considered abusive.
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