Copyright Complaints
Belira takes a zero tolerance policy to any kind of copyright infringement. If you wish to report copyright infringement, we would be more than happy to help you with your case.

To report copyright infringement:

Create a document in a word processor, supporting .doc or .docx format, such as Microsoft Office Word, Open Office or Google Apps.

Compile the following within the document:
  1. Add the title: "Report of Copyright Infringement"
  2. Identify the prime sources of material in which has been infringed, where it is available, and evidence of ownership/creation
  3. Gather as much evidence to support your copyright claim, including (for example) what material has been used, where is appears, and how long has it been in place
  4. When gathering evidence of copyright infringement, it is important that each infringement is detailed.
  5. Provide your contact information, including name, personal address, business name and address, and a contact telephone number.
  6. If possible, provide sufficient contact information to help us contact the owner of the account that has the illegal material.
  7. Include the statement "I swear under pain of penalty for perjury that the above is true and accurate."
  8. Insert your signature, via scanning in an image, or (in Microsoft Office Word), select "Insert > Object > Create New > Bitmap image"
Save the document with a suitable name.

Finally, open a support ticket, and upload the attachment in .doc or .docx format, explaining you wish to report a copyright infringement.

If we deem necessary, we will remove or disable access to reported material until we receive evidence of ownership. This will occur after we have contacted the account holder, and given suitable time to respond and act to the report.
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