A New Bel - Era

Hello. A word we've not used often enough in recent years, but that's about to change.

While we do like to think we have always been there rather punctually whenever you have needed us in the past; we've never really shared our passion for development with you, and for the services we provide you. That's about to change too.

Our Existing Hosting Plans

Belira has proudly offered some of the best instant activation web hosting services available over the last 6 years. Testament to this is that they've never had to change. Our 3 reliable hosting plans ProHost, SuperHost and EliteHost all have their separate selling points, and have all remained the same in price and resource since the beginning.

The average website starts off at needing under 50MB of disk space. ProHost (our smallest, most popular plan) has always provided over 20 times this (1GB).

Today, we are multiplying all these plans by 10. This now means our plans pack a punch with the below resources:

Hosting Plan Improvements

Old New
Disk Space Bandwidth Disk Space Bandwidth
Belira ProHost 1GB 10GB 10GB 100GB
Belira SuperHost 1GB 10GB 10GB 100GB
Belira EliteHost 1GB 10GB 10GB 100GB

This future-proofs our Web Hosting Plans and makes the possibilities endless for all our customers.

All our hosting plans still offer the MASSIVE amounts of features they always have - check them out here!

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is the first of many new product launches today. In the background, we have been trialing reseller plans with our customers for some time. This allows us to be really confident our reseller plans will work best for those wanting to offer web hosting to their own customers, or even start up their own web hosting business just like Belira.

Remember - the Belira team are always on hand whenever you need them.

VPS Hosting

Outgrowing shared hosting? Do you want your websites performance to pack that extra punch but you're not ready to make the jump to a full dedicated server of your own? This is where a Belira VPS can bridge the gap!

Haven't managed your own server before? No problem. The Belira team can set everything up for you, from installing any required software to initially securing it for use on the internet.

Learning curves are far more fun when you have our support along the way.

Dedicated Servers

We're really proud to be able to offer Dedicated Servers from today too. Advanced business users and developers will always prefer to host their websites on their own servers, and the Belira Team can set everything up and support you every step of the way.

Simply select how much power you want your server to have from our Dedicated Servers products, and we'll work to get everything set up and running in the datacenter as soon as possible.

Domain Names

Domain names are where ideas are born. It's not only Belira that has changed dramatically recently; the internet has too.

New Domains - Rethink The Future

Gone are the days the World Wide Web is limited to domain names ending with .com, .net and .info etc. A new generation of TLDs (top-level domains) has opened the door to a wealth of new opportunities. Have your domain end in .web, .reviews, .shop plus hundreds more!

To explore the possibilities, visit our Domain Names page.

Belira Affiliates

Partner up! Although it's hard to believe, everyone at Belira loves popularity! As shown by how we're growing our business steadily while rewarding all our customers; the better we do, the more we can give back to you.

So why not join our affiliate program?

As an example, you can earn yourself an estimated $13,400 /year just from sharing our Dedicated Servers and converting them in to Belira customers. Meanwhile you also get the satisfaction of showing us your support, and helping us grow. Something we will always be really grateful for.

Account & Support Center

My Belira Account

We've merged our whole website in to one big portal, where you buy and manage our products and services all from one central location. You can log in to your Belira Account by clicking 'Login' from the top right of any Belira page, where you're taken to your brand new Belira Account area.

Access everything from account and billing management, hosting and domain orders, the new Belira Affiliate Center and get help from our Support Center all within one place. We've tried to make this as streamlined and easy as possible for everyone, but feedback is the key. If you have any suggestions or anything you'd like adding or changing, drop us a support ticket for review at any time.

Social Presence

It's taken long enough, but we've finally hit the social world by storm. We've designed and released Belira across multiple social networks and services, allowing us to engage with all our customers and fans as easily, and quickly as possible.

Check us out, share us with your friends, and let's get social.

The Future

Thank you for reading our first ever blog post! We promise to keep in touch with everything exciting we have planned for 2016, and look forward to serving you our online services over the coming year and beyond.

Happy New Year to all our customers,
From everyone at Belira.

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